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Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance  



Deepening citizen engagement

We are developing innovative ways of connecting the voices of ordinary citizens to political decision-making through participatory and deliberative approaches to citizen engagement.

Democratising environmental governance

We are rethinking how human institutions, practices, and principles can develop a productive relationship with the Earth system.

Innovating global governance

We are advocating for meaningful global citizen deliberation on urgent and emerging global issues – from climate change to genome editing.

Advancing theory and methods

We provide intellectual leadership in advancing theoretical debates and methodological innovations in deliberative democracy.

Building democratic resilience

We examine the role of public deliberation in highly polarised and post-crisis contexts and the possibilities for democratic transformation in technocratic and semi-authoritarian regimes.

Our Research


Learn more about our staff members, PhD students, faculty affiliates and our adjunct professors.

Our researchers


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Industry Partners

We work with government, international organisations, NGOs, and the creative industry to translate deliberative theory into practice.

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Academic Partners

We uphold research excellence by collaborating with an international network of academic partners in diverse disciplines and countries.

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Community Partners

We ground our work on democracy by engaging with community partners in Canberra and around Australia.

Our Collaborations
Our Working Paper Series
Working Paper Series

Working Paper Series

Our Working Papers make preliminary findings of research on deliberative democracy publicly available in advance of publication in academic journals and books.

Our Digital Content

Digital Content

We have a growing offering of videos and podcasts to celebrate the work of our colleagues around the world in areas that speak to our Centre’s research.

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New books on Democracy

Our New Books on Democracy series features interviews with leading scholars about their published works.

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Seminar Series

The Centre holds weekly seminars on important topics with leading scholars from Australia and around the world.


Contact Us

Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance

Ann Harding Conference Centre (Building 24)

University Drive South, University of Canberra, ACT 2617, Australia

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