Apply for Internship

Our Centre welcomes internship applications from undergraduate students based at the Faculty of Business, Government, and Law and the Faculty of Arts and Design at the University of Canberra. Each intern will be assigned to work on a research project in the Centre, such as Connecting to Parliament, Global Citizens’ Assembly, and Deliberative Integrity, among others. The student will be paired with a staff member who will act as mentor during the internship. The tasks and learning outcomes will be co-designed by both the student and mentor. 

Internships are unpaid. They usually take place during the winter semester. Please email Associate Professor Nicole Curato for more information.

Interns’ Testimonies

Chioma Helen Madubuko

Postgraduate Student in Communications

My internship at the Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance was an excellent experience! I was privileged to work closely with Associate Professor Selen Ercan and Dr Nick Vlahos, who assisted me in every aspect of my internship, and taught me many new skills in writing, presenting and doing research. 


As part of my internship, I worked in the Connecting to Parliament project. This project enhanced my

understanding of deliberative democracy and enriched my knowledge of journalism. During my internship, I conducted interviews with the project members, wrote a media release, and learnt to write an evaluation report about a deliberative process drawing on my participatory observation of the deliberative townhall, which took place at the University of Canberra. I wish to undertake future studies in the areas of Law and Politics and stay connected with the Centre.


Georgia Montgomery

Bachelor of Arts in Culture and Heritage

My time working at the Centre for the Deliberative Democracy was really rewarding. I was lucky enough to work on the Global Citizens’ Assembly, and I spent my time researching how to include marginalised voices into the global conservation on genome editing. I felt really inspired by the project and by the way everyone at the centre communicated about it. 


One of the most rewarding parts of the internship was getting to conduct my own research project. So much of the time at uni we only have a tight scope for our work. But for this project once I had been given the brief, I was able to then bring my own expertise and research to the project.

Best of all I was able to research in an area I am passionate about, children’s advocacy. Before

starting at UC, I was a preschool teacher for several years. After advocating for children as a teacher on the everyday level, it was illuminating to look at advocacy from the perspective of deliberative democracy in a global context.


Another remarkable thing was how trusted I felt as an intern, when I spoke to other researchers in the field and at the centre, I felt I was treated as a colleague, not just an intern. I was given

genuine guidance and insight. This meant I was able to produce some of my best work.