Apply for a PhD

The Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance is accepting PhD applications on a rolling basis. Candidates from different disciplinary backgrounds are welcome to apply.



Contact a potential supervisor from the Centre. In this correspondence, include:

  • A brief statement explaining why you wish to pursue a PhD, the funding arrangement for your study, and reasons for applying to the Centre (less than 1,000 words)

  • A research description (less than 1,000 words)

  • CV

  • Relevant transcript

Once the supervisor supports your application, you may submit your application to the University of Canberra’s application portal


Our Centre does not offer scholarship opportunities at the moment.

PhD students’

PhD completion.jpeg

Jane Alver

The Centre for Deliberative Democracy has provided a supportive and stimulating environment in both the high times and the low times of a PhD. The very flat structure of the Centre has contributed to making me feel like a valued part of the academy and students participate in the life of the Centre, attending staff meetings and discussions. This enables us to learn about academic and administrative life at a University. I was fortunate to have inspiring and helpful teachers and mentors. My supervisors’ enduring belief in the importance of my research and my ability as an emerging scholar made such a difference to my confidence to produce a quality thesis and to present ideas at domestic and international conferences. They also celebrate small wins through social media which helps grow your profile as an early career researcher. The international reputation of the Centre has also meant access to a steady stream of visiting scholars, many

of which appear in my literature review!

Emerson Sanchez

As a PhD student of environmental politics and Philippine area studies, I could not have chosen a better place to do my research on mining disasters in the Philippines. At the Centre, I got the chance to work closely with my supervisors, John Dryzek and Nicole Curato, who are leading scholars in my chosen research areas. My supervisors and the Centre staff mentored me in research, publication, and research dissemination. The Centre’s vibrant academic community provides PhD students strong professional networks and social support during the candidature. Through these networks, I got invitations to present my research in workshops that led to my first journal article publication in a special issue.

Pierrick Chalaye

I can, without hesitation, affirm that, as a PhD student at the Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance, I have been among the lucky ones. First, the Centre has provided me with a stimulating and engaging intellectual environment. Indeed, I had the opportunity to meet and receive advice from the most prominent researchers in the field of deliberative democracy. Second, the Centre has provided me with an administrative shelter, preserved from dysfunctional centralised bureaucracies and thus making the PhD process (from application to submission) very smooth. Last, but not least, the Centre has formed a collective space in which I could find friends, social support and intellectual emancipation.