Hemant Ojha

Adjunct Associate Professor


Through the past 20 years of research, development practice, and innovation, Dr Ojha has championed the cause of democratic governance, equitable development, decentralised natural resources management, and community empowerment. He is particularly known for his works on critical action research, deliberative governance of natural resources, methodological innovations for evidence informed policies, and catalysing social change through participatory action and learning. He has been a key player in the development of community forestry in Nepal which is now recognised as a world innovation in community based natural resource management. He has written widely in the scientific and the pubic media. He has published widely on natural resources governance and policy, and the Journal Critical Policy Studies has rated his paper entitled ‘Counteracting hegemonic powers in the policy process’ as the best in the year 2013. His book Adaptive Collaborative Approaches in Natural Resource Governance (2013, coedited with Andy Hall and Rasheed Sulaiman), has showcased case studies of catalysing collaborative learning among stakeholders in natural resources policy and practices. With Krishna K Shrestha and Phil Mac Manus, I have also edited a book on Inclusive Urbanization in the Age of Climate Change (2014 by Routledge). He sits in the editorial board of Elsevier Journal Forest Policy and Economics, and was the founding chief-editor of Journal of Forest and Livelihoods. He acts as a reviewer of over 15 international journals published by Elsevier and Springer. He is currently directing Institute for Studies and Development Worldwide (IFSD), based in Sydney, Australia.