James Bohman

James Bohman holds the Danforth I Chair in the Humanities and is Professor of Philosophy and Professor of International Studies. His primary areas of research include political philosophy (deliberative and transnational democracy) and the philosophy of social science (rationality and normativity). He also has done work in German philosophy (Critical Theory and German Idealism). He is director of the Critical Theory Roundtable and co-director of the Philosophy of Social Science Roundtable with Paul Roth and Alison Wylie, both of which meet on a yearly basis.  He has had speaking engagements all over the world including Brazil and Mexico.

Representative Publications

Democracy Across Borders: From Demos to Demoi :MIT Press, 2007.

Public Deliberation: Pluralism, Complexity, and Democracy. Cambridge: MIT Press: 1996/2000.

"Democracy and the Epistemic Benefits of Diversity," Episteme 3:3 (2007), 175-190

"Ethics as Moral Inquiry: Dewey on the Moral Psychology of Social Reform" in Cambridge Companion to John Dewey, ed. M. Cochran (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2010), 187-210.

"Living without Freedom: Democracy and the Cosmopolitan Constitution," Political Theory

"Deliberative Democracy, Liberalism, Reasons that All Can Accept,"Journal of Political Philosophy

James Bohman