Li-Chia Lo

Dr Li-chia Lo received his PhD from School of Social & Political Sciences at the University of Melbourne in 2018. His doctoral thesis deals with the development of deliberative democracy in China. His findings show that implementing deliberative experiments in the Chinese context has twisted the meaning of a political idea from Western academia. The Chinese version of deliberative democracy is adapted to further authoritarian governance and offers limited opportunities for China’s democratization.

He has adopted the interpretivist approach to investigate the cross-cultural transformation of political ideas, and he has been curious about how introducing new ideas can trigger political participation and promote political communication. In the end, he is keen to know how far political participation and deliberation driven by new ideas can lead to new waves of sociopolitical changes.

In general, his broader areas of interest include critical theory, democratic theory, China studies, and Taiwan studies. Apart from turning his doctoral thesis into a book, he is starting a new project on comparing developments of deliberative democracy in China and Taiwan.