Book Drop Series

Our Book Drop Series features short conversations with authors about their latest books on deliberative democracy.

Deliberative Global Governance

Can a deliberative approach bring democracy to global institutions? Lorraine Elliott of Australian National University interviews John Dryzek, Jonathan Pickering, and Jensen Sass, who are three of the six co-authors of a new short book, Deliberative Global Governance. The book shows exactly how global governance can be reformed and transformed, to good effect when it comes to confronting major world problems.

Anthropocene Encounters

We talk to Professor Frank Biermann from Utrecht University on how the Anthropocene poses a challenge to traditional political concepts and ways of governing, and on whether democracy is still possible in this new epoch. Co-edited with Eva Lövbrand, the book Anthropocene Encounters: New Directions in Green Political Thinking is now available with Cambridge University Press. Also featured in the Book Drop is Governing Through Goals: Sustainable Development Goals as Governance Innovation, co-edited with Norichika Kanie (MIT Press, 2017). Biermann asks whether the SDGs are responsive to the demands of our new epoch and what the SDGs mean for the future of global sustainability.

The Legitimacy of Citizen-led Deliberative Democracy

What happens when academic research transforms knowledge to political activism? Our PhD student Jane Alver talks to Prof Min Reuchamps from the Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium) about the back story of the globally-celebrated deliberative mini-public -- the G1000 in Belgium. Min gives us a preview of his book 'The Legitimacy of Citizen-led Deliberative Democracy' (co-authored with Didier Caluwaerts) and makes a case for scaling up mini-publics.

Cambridge Handbook of Deliberative Constitutionalism

Our PhD student Jane Alver talks to Ron Levy - one of the editors of The Cambridge Handbook of Deliberative Constitutionalism.

Meaning and Action

We are revisiting one of our favourite books at the Centre - Hendrik Wagenaar's Meaning and Action: Interpretation and Dialogue in Policy Analysis published in 2012. Our PhD student Wendy Conway-Lamb discusses Henk's inspirations for writing the book and what new developments we must consider when (re)reading it in 2019.

Between Representation and Discourse

Our very first Book Drop episode featuring a German book! Our Visiting Scholar Andreas Schäfer (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin) talks to our Visiting PhD student Viktor Valgarðsson (University of Southampton) about his book Zwischen Repräsentation und Diskurs (Beyond Representation and Discourse).

Mapping and Measuring Deliberation Part II

Our Visiting Research Fellow Andreas Schäfer talks to André Bächtiger - the author of the book Mapping and Measuring Deliberation. André revisits key conceptual issues in deliberative theory and methodology and proposes ways in which his work avoids the traps of relativism.

Oxford Handbook of Deliberative Democracy Part II

A big handbook deserves a Part II! In this week's episode of our Book Drop Series, our visiting research fellow André Bächtiger discusses the backstory of the Oxford Handbook of Deliberative Democracy with his co-editor John Dryzek. They also give us a preview of their forthcoming article in Science.

Power in Deliberative Democracy

Our PhD student Jane Alver talks to Nicole Curato and Marit Hammond, authors of the book Power in Deliberative Democracy: Norms, Forums, System. Jane asks Nicole and Marit about the book's backstory, tips on transnational collaboration and, of course, the relationship between deliberative democracy and power.

Global Environmental Politics: Problems, Policy and Practice

In our season finale, our PhD student Wendy Conway-Lamb talks to Associate Professor Hayley Stevenson about her latest book Global Environmental Politics published by Cambridge University Press. Hayley tells us walks us through the unique features of this text book and tells us why she found writing this book as the most enjoyable experience.

Deliberative Systems in Theory and Practice

Today we are talking about Deliberative Systems! Is it a theoretical framework? A research method? How can it be applied in practice? Our Associate Professor Selen Ercan talks about the book she co-edited with Stephen Elstub and Ricardo Mendonça. Plus, a bonus preview of our associate Carolyn Hendriks’s chapter on transmission in the deliberative system.

Ethics of Multiple Citizenship

Our post-doctoral research fellow Ana Tanasoca talks to Jensen Sass about her prize-winning book the Ethics of Multiple Citizenship published by Cambridge University Press.

The Politics of the Anthropocene

‘All politics should be the politics of the Anthropocene,’ argues Professor John Dryzek in his latest book co-authored with our postdoctoral research fellow Jonathan Pickering. Check out this video for a quick summary of the book Politics of the Anthropocene published by Oxford University Press.

Mapping and Measuring Deliberation

Simon Niemeyer talks to our Adjunct Professor John Parkinson about his latest book Mapping and Measuring Deliberation. The book is co-authored with André Bächtiger and published by Oxford University Press.

Oxford Handbook of Deliberative Democracy

The inaugural episode of our Book Drop Series features the Oxford Handbook of Deliberative Democracy edited by our very own Professor John Dryzek, with André Bächtiger, Jane Mansbridge and Mark E. Warren. In this video, John tells us what surprised him in editing the Handbook, and what to expect from the chapters written by our staff members Nicole Curato, Simon Niemeyer and Jensen Sass.