Deliberative Opinion Charting

The broad approach, sometimes referred to as “opinion charting”, involves:

-Mapping of the major underlying positions (relevant beliefs and values) in respect to a policy issue and changes to these positions

-Analysis of changes in policy positions; and

-Analysis of the changing relationship between underling positions and policy positions (i.e. the logic of how reasons for holding a policy position map onto a particular position.

The analysis permits assessment of the impact of different kinds of transformation, and trends in the changes that individuals with various pre-existing issue positions. The results permit policy makers to identify features of a decision that will appeal to different sectors of the community, as well as how those psotions are likely develop once a policy is implements. More importantly, from a broader democratic perspective, it permits the identification of particular aspects of the issue that are most contentious, and the extent to which differences are a reconcilable by improved policy or public engagement.

The broad approach, with some demonstration results are shown in the videos below.

Climate Change Discourses
(ACT Climate Adaptation Study)
Migration of individuals between discourses (after viewing climate change scenario)
Climate Change Discourses (after deliberation)