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Connecting To Parliament


John Dryzek, Selen Ercan, Nick Vlahos, Hans Asenbaum, Jon Kingzette, Amy Lee, William Minozzi, Michael Neblo, Ryan Kennedy, Andrew Leigh, Nick Terrell

Connecting To Parliament

Project Team:

  • John Dryzek (University of Canberra)

  • Selen Ercan (University of Canberra)

  • Nick Vlahos (University of Canberra)

  • Hans Asenbaum (University of Canberra)

  • Jon Kingzette (Ohio State University)

  • Amy Lee (Ohio State University)

  • William Minozzi (Ohio State University)

  • Michael Neblo (Ohio State University)

  • Ryan Kennedy (University of Houston)

  • Andrew Leigh (Australian Labor Party)

  • Nick Terrell (Australian Labor Party)

Project Description

This project seeks to understand how elected officials engage with their constituents and integrate constituent feedback from deliberative town halls into their representational activities.

This project is a collaboration between the Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance, the Institute for Democratic Engagement and Accountability at the Ohio State University, and the Office of Andrew Leigh. Leading the work in our Centre are John Dryzek, Selen Ercan and recently appointed postdoctoral research fellow Nick Vlahos.

This project builds on the insights gained from the innovative Connecting to Congress undertaken in the United States by Michael Neblo and his project team. We will replicate this project in Australia by designing and analysing a series of deliberative forums with citizens and elected representatives. In the coming months, we will engage with MP Andrew Leigh and run a range of deliberative town halls (online, in-person and hybrid) to identify the methods of deliberative engagement that produce the greatest engagement gains and increases in civic behaviour among a diverse population of citizens.

For further information about this project, please visit the project website.

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