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Atosha Birongo

Atosha Birongo

Research Intern


Atosha Birongo joined the Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance in 2022 as a research intern. Atosha is a third-year student studying a Bachelor of Politics and International Relations majoring in Government and Policy. As a young person who came from a refugee background five years ago, Atosha has experienced unsettling interruptions to her education in her early high school journey and being exposed to three different education systems, ways of life and government functions in three countries Congo, Kenya, and Australia.

Inspired by these experiences, Atosha finds interest in community engagement and citizen participation in policymaking and designing of services. Atosha will work on the Centre’s current project on Global Assembly on Climate and Ecological Emergency to understand participants’ experiences and put forward suggestions to the organisers for the Global Assembly for the next Global Assembly in 2023 (led by Professor Nicole Curato).

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