Research Grants

Our Centre’s research projects examine deliberative politics in action. Here’s what we’ve been working on in the past few years.

Australian Research Council Grants
  1. A Metastudy of Public Deliberation: Updating Theory and Practice. Discovery Project (DP180103014; Simon Niemeyer, John S. Dryzek, Nicole Curato, Andrè Bächtiger and Mark E. Warren).

  2. Sparking a National Conversation. Discovery Project (DP160102598; John Parkinson).

  3. Realising Democracy Amid Communicative Plenty: A Deliberative Systems Approach. Discovery Project (DP150103615; John S. Dryzek, Selen Ercan, Paul Fawcett, Carolyn Hendriks and Michael Jensen).

  4. Building Back Better: Participatory Governance in a post-Haiyan World. Discovery Early Career Research Award (DE150101866; Nicole Curato).

  5. Deliberative Worlds: Democracy, Justice and a Changing Earth System. Laureate Fellowship (FL140100154; John Dryzek).

  6. Deliberative Democracy in the Public Sphere: Achieving Deliberative Outcomes in Mass Publics. Discovery Project (DP120103976; Simon Niemeyer, John Dryzek, Robert Goodin, Andrè Bächtiger, Maija Setålå and Julia Jennstål).

  7. Rethinking climate justice in an age of adaptation: capabilities, local variation, and public deliberation. Discovery Project (DP120104797; David Schlosberg and Simon Niemeyer).

  8. Deliberative democracy and climate change: building the foundations of an adaptive system. Future Fellowship (FT110100871; Simon Niemeyer).

  9. Social Adaptation to Climate Change in the Australian Public Sphere: A comparison of individual and group deliberative responses to scenarios of future climate change. Discovery Project (DP0879092; Simon Niemeyer, Will Steffen, Brendan Mackey, Janette Lindesay and Kersty Hobson).

  10. Deliberative Global Governance. Federation Fellowship (FF0883522; John S. Dryzek).

  11. Creating and Analysing a Citizens’ Parliament: Exploring the Public’s Deliberative Capacity. Linkage Project. (LP0882714; John Dryzek, Lyn Carson, Simon Niemeyer, Janette Hartz-Karp, Ian Marsh and Luca Belgiorno-Nettis).

  12. Communication across Difference in a Democracy: Australian Muslims and the Mainstream. Discovery Project (DP0773626; Bora Kanra and John Dryzek).

  13. The Micropolitics of Deliberation. Discovery project (DP0558573; John Dryzek and Simon Niemeyer).

  14. The Theory and Practice of Deliberative Democracy. Discovery Project (DP0342795; John Dryzek and Robert Goodin).

National Grants
  1. Deliberation in Schools. Funded by the International Association for Public Participation. (Pierrick Chalaye and Kei Nishiyama, together with the Centre’s Associate Wendy Russel).

  2. Who will Bury the Dead? Community Responses in Duterte’s Bloody War on Drugs. Funded by the ANU Philippines Project. (Nicole Curato, Jayeel Cornelio and Filomin Candaliza-Gutierrez).

International Grants
  1. Deliberative democracy in the face of democratic crisis: Contributions, dilemmas and the ways forward. Funded by Brazilian National Council for Scientific and Technological Development. (Ricardo F. Mendonça, Camilo Aggio, Viktor Chagas, Selen Ercan, Viviane Freitas, Filipe Motta, Rayza Sarmento, Francisco Tavares).

  2. Beyond Demagogues and Deplorables: Transforming populist rhetoric for participatory futures. Funded by the Toyota Foundation. (Nicole Curato).

  3. Understanding and Evaluating Deliberative Systems. Funded by DAAD/German Academic Exchange Service and Universities Australia. (André Bächtiger, Nicole Curato, John Dryzek, Selen A. Ercan, Eda Keremoglu-Waibler, Simon Niemeyer and Kei Nishiyama).

  4. The Deliberative Citizen: Who deliberates, when, why and how? Funded by the Swedish Research Council. (Julia Jennstål and Simon Niemeyer).

  5. Technologies of Humanitarianism: An Ethnographic Assessment of Communication Environments in Disaster Recovery and Humanitarian Intervention. Funded by the Economic and Social Research Council Urgency Grant (UK). (Mirca Madianou, Nicole Curato, Jonathan Corpus Ong and Jayeel Cornelio).

  6. Practicing and Visualising Democratic Disagreements in the Classroom. Funded by the Uehiro Foundation on Ethics and Education (Kei Nishiyama). 

  1. Connecting to Parliament (A collaboration between Centre for Deliberative democracy and Global Governance and the Institute for Democratic Engagement and Accountability)

  2. Great Barrier Reef Futures Citizens’ Jury.  Funded by James Cook University (Claudia Benham, Simon Niemeyer and Hannah Barrowman)

  3. Participedia. Funded by the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada (John Dryzek, Selen Ercan, and Lucy J Parry).

  4. Moral Disagreements: Philosophical and Practical Implications. Funded by the Australian Catholic University (Richard Rowland, Selen Ercan, David Killoren, and Lucy J Parry).

  5. Protests and Political Engagement. Funded by the Federal University of Minas Gerais Grant. (Selen A. Ercan, Ricardo F. Mendonca, Umut Ozguc).