Catherine Clutton

Cathy Clutton is a PhD Candidate at the ANU College of Medicine, Biology and Environment.   Cathy has over thirty years’ experience of public administration within the Australian Government Health Department and National Health and Medical Research Council, during which time she developed and managed programs that provided financial and management support for community organisations, developed evidence-based clinical practice and public health guidelines and policy, and provided support for health and medical research in Australia.  A recurring theme in her work has been community engagement.  Cathy has a Post-Graduate Diploma in Public Health (UQ) and Master of Politics and Policy (Deakin).

Cathy’s research draws on the experiences of Australian and Canadian health policy makers at both the national and sub-national levels of government to examine the place of cultural competence in citizen engagement in the development of health policy.  Focusing on the inclusion of citizens from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, Cathy takes a critical multicultural perspective and suggests shifting focus from ‘cultural competence’ towards contextual sensitivity, the promise of which lies in encouraging awareness of citizens as individuals for whom culture is just one of many influences shaping their position in society.


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