Hayley Stevenson

Hayley Stevenson is Reader in Politics and International Relations at the University of Sheffield. Her principal research interests include: global environmental politics and climate change, global civil society, legitimacy in international relations, and deliberative global governance.

Hayley is the author of two books: Institutionalizing Unsustainability: The Paradox of Global Climate Governance (University of California Press, 2013); and Democratizing Global Climate Governance (with John S. Dryzek, Cambridge University Press 2014).

Between 2013 and 2016, Dr Stevenson was an ESRC Future Research Leader (with a grant value of £247,000). She carried out a study of innovations in international environmental policy, focusing on the World Bank. This project analysed processes of institutional learning in the design of new environmental policies, and address challenges to including civil society and heterogeneous perspectives in policy design.

Between 2016 and 2019, she is leading a project with Professor James Meadowcroft called Ecosystem Services: Valuing Nature for Sustainable Development and a Green Economy. This includes a team of researchers in Australia, Canada, and the UK. We aim to understand how the idea of valuing nature has developed, been taken up into policy, and the implications of this for sustainability and justice. This project is funded by a grant of €800,000 from Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, The Wellcome Trust and VolkswagenStiftung.

Hayley Stevenson