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A Metastudy of Public Deliberation: Updating Theory and Practice


Simon Niemeyer, John S. Dryzek, Nicole Curato, Andrè Bächtiger and Mark E. Warren

A Metastudy of Public Deliberation: Updating Theory and Practice

Funded through a Discovery Project (DP180103014) ($526,411), the Project Team includes:

·       Simon Niemeyer, Chief Investigator

·       John S. Dryzek, Chief Investigator

·       Nicole Curato, Chief Investigator

·       Andrè Bächtiger, Partner Investigator

·       Marina Lindell, Partner Investigator

·       Mark E. Warren, Partner Investigator

·       Hannah Barrowman, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

·       Francesco Veri, Postdoctoral Research Fellow

·       Nardine Alnemr, PhD student

Project Description

The project combines a meta-study and comparative case study to develop a leading edge understanding of political deliberation by analysing and synthesising results from available studies of deliberation.

It aims to reconcile conflicting findings and provide the first comprehensive, theoretically-grounded account of defensible claims about political deliberation. The project will compile the source material and findings in a publicly-available database to facilitate standardisation and enhancement of future research in the field. It will seek to settle important questions that remain among deliberative democrats and, more practically, facilitate avenues for democratic reform in an area where the need for renewal is increasingly pressing.

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