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Olivia Mendoza

Olivia Mendoza

PhD Candidate


Olivia Mendoza works on topics at the intersection of feminist philosophy and democratic theory, with focus on the role of emotions in facilitating the aims of deliberative democracy. She is a PhD student at the Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance.



Olivia's PhD dissertation analyzes Filipino emotional repertoire and their role in online political discussions and debates. In focusing on the political emotions of hate, resentment and anger, her research looks into the conditions for meaningful political participation in the Philippines and how these are complicated by exclusions, marginalization, illegitimate decision-making, or harms in the affective level.

PhD Supervisors
  • Hans Asenbaum (primary supervisor)

  • Adele Webb  (secondary supervisor)

  • John Dryzek (secondary supervisor)


Scholarship and Prizes
  • Deliberative Democracy PhD Scholarship (2023-2027), Centre for Deliberative Democracy and Global Governance, University of Canberra.

  • One UP Faculty Grant Award in Philosophy (Ethics) for Outstanding Teaching and Public Service in the University of the Philippines Baguio, College of Social Sciences, University of the Philippines Baguio (2022-2024).

  • Mateo Tupaz Grant (2019-2022), University of the Philippines Baguio. Research Project: Reviewing Emotion Theories in light of Filipino Emotions.

Key Publications
  • Olivia S. Mendoza. Forthcoming. “Emotions and Filipino Resilience” In Llanera, Tracy (ed). Resilience: The Brown Babe’s Burden. Routledge Book Series on the Post- CoViD World: Academics, Politics and Society.

  • Liz Jackson, Nuraan Davids, Winston C. Thompson, Jessica Lussier, Nicholas C. Burbules, Kal Alston, Stephen Chatelier, Krissah Marga B. Taganas, Olivia S. Mendoza, Jason Lin Cong, Addyson Frattura & Anonymous and P. Taylor Webb. 2022. "Feeling like a philosopher of education: A collective response to Jackson’s ‘The smiling philosopher’." Educational Philosophy and Theory, DOI: 10.1080/00131857.2022.2063719.

Conference Presentations
  • Olivia S. Mendoza, “Anger, Affective Injustice, and Filipino Resilience." Resilience: The Brown Babes Burden and the Global Pandemic. Workshop organized by Women Doing Philosophy. 2022.


  • Development Ethics (SDS 271, Master’s Course in Social and Development Studies), 2022

  • History of the Social Sciences (Soc Sci 100), 2021-2022

  • Ethics (Philo 171, for Philosophy Students), 2019-2022

  • Ethics and Moral Reasoning (Ethics 1, General Education Course), 2019-2022

  • Ancient Philosophy (Philosophy110) and Medieval Philosophy (Philosophy 111), 2014-2022.

Public Service
  • Speaker for Philosophy, Politics and Society Lecture Series, “Martha Nussbaum on What Women are Actually Able to Do and To Be," in celebration of the 2023 Women’s Month. Organized by the College of Social Sciences and the UP Baguio Kasarian. 2023.

  • Speaker at the Philosophy Open House, “Kant on Emotion," in celebration of World Philosophy Day, with the theme “The Forthcoming Human." Organized by the Philosophy Discipline and the Philosophy Circle of UP Baguio. 2022.

  • Speaker for Beyond the Ghetto (BTG) Lightning Talks, “My Feminist Classroom: Innovations and Reflections." Organized by the BTG Group of the Women Doing Philosophy for Philosophy Teachers and Scholars. 2021.

  • Guest Speaker for Continuing Professional Development, “Why Be Moral? Ethics for Public Accountants in Contemporary Philippines." Seminar-Workshop organized by Philippine Institute for Certified Public Accountants, Inc. 2021.

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